On The Borderline

Of course "On the Borderline" () is not exactly awash in energy, talent or money so I suppose there is a certain unity of utter mediocrity attained. For director Michael Oblowitz to live up to his surname, it would be necessary for him to be involved in something that had a chance but somehow fell short/5(7).

On the borderline of love again It's bound to make you pay On the borderline we'll make our stand Then watch it fall away. And he stands in quiet solitude the nights reflects upon his mood Seeking the vision that had once been so clear When he felt the touch of his women's love His pounding heart was warm and young.

Borderline definition is - being in an intermediate position or state: not fully classifiable as one thing or its opposite. How to use borderline in a sentence.

Text. Height. Intro -x Cadd9 F Em7 F Cadd9 I'm standing on the borderline Am What should I bring or leave behind F From who I was G For who I'm gonna be? Verse 1: Cadd9 Am I still haven't packed my bags Cadd9 It's time to go Am And I could not care less F So now, I'll miss the train G a walk's still progress made G Cadd9 Am I just won't.

"Borderline" is a song by American singer Madonna from her self-titled debut studio album. It was released on Febru, by Sire Records as the album's fifth single and, years later, was also included on the singer's greatest hits albums The Immaculate Collection () and Celebration (). Written and composed by its producer Reggie Lucas, the song was remixed by Madonna's.

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  1.  · On the Borderline is a direct to video film. The film was directed by Michael Oblowitz (This World, Then the Fireworks). The film stars Eric Mabius (Resident Evil), Marley Shelton (Death Proof), and R. Lee Ermy (Full Metal Jacket).5/10().

  2. on the borderline. in an uncertain position between two statuses; undecided. Bill was on the borderline between an A and a B in biology. Jane was on the borderline of joining the navy. See also: on. McGraw-Hill Dictionary of American Idioms and Phrasal Verbs. © .

  3. Borderline personality disorder is an illness marked by an ongoing pattern of varying moods, self-image, and behavior. These symptoms often result in impulsive actions and problems in relationships. People with borderline personality disorder may experience intense episodes of anger, depression, and anxiety that can last from a few hours to days.

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