backhand definition: 1. (in sports such as tennis) a hit in which the arm is brought across the body with the back of. Learn more.

 · The backhand is one of the most essential shots in tennis and, along with the forehand, the key components to playing the game. Elliott Pettit of USTA Player Development at the USTA National Campus at Lake Nona in Orlando, Fla., shares some tips for beginners, intermediate and advanced players that can guide you as you look to make improvements in your backhand.

Backhanded definition is - indirect, devious; especially: sarcastic. How to use backhanded in a sentence.

 · Master your single-handed backhand, by Top Tennis Timeline - Intro - Unit Turn (step one) -.

 · using the back side of your hand to smack someone against their face.

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  1. Backhand definition is - a stroke (as in tennis) made with the back of the hand turned in the direction of movement; also: the side on which such strokes are made. How to use backhand in a sentence.

  2. Define backhand. backhand synonyms, backhand pronunciation, backhand translation, English dictionary definition of backhand. adj. Made with the back of the dominant hand facing forward: hit a backhand shot over the net. n. 1.

  3. Backhand definition, a stroke, slap, etc., made with the palm of the hand turned toward the body and the back of the hand turned in the direction of the stroke, slap, etc. See more.

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