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 · My in gets back on target easier than several of the 9mm’s I have tried. Recoil really not an issue. I’ve fired 9mm’s that were much less comfortable to shoot than myFor many of us the only disadvantage is the cost of ammo.

 · You cannot shoot Auto Rim in a Colt revolver. Even if it has been altered to take ACPs in moon clips, there is usually enough of the rear face of the cylinder left uncut so you can still shoot Colt. That would keep the gun from operating with the thick rim of Auto Rim. There is a specialty cartridge called the Cowboy Special.

 · You may be able to fit a 45 auto in a 45 long colt, if it is designed for that but not the other way around, such as some of the Taurus products. And you can fit a 38 into a and not the other way around and a 44 into a 44 magnum and not the reverse but that's about it .

 · So that shows that it punched all the way through that 45 ACP carrying a ton of energy, good straight line penetration even at long distances. It’s a great round. It’s got lots of weight to it, lots of mass. You know the velocity may not be real high for it to shoot an ultra-flat trajectory but guys, that’s not really what it’s meant to do.

 · Re: Shoot ACP in Long Colt acp now comes also with rims. Haven't tried it yet, but it should work in the Taurus Judge. The bullet diameter of both the 45 colt and 45 acp is". There will be about a 1/4" space after the end of the acp bullet but before the beginning of where the cylinder narrows.

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  1.  · Our Facebook Page! Heather and Jeff getting back to shooting. The design is one of the mos.

  2.  · Given this, the is more than feasible for most shooters, if they are willing to choose their pistol and round carefully, plus spend the time required to master them. The one consistent disadvantage of a pistol is its economics. Simply put, it costs much more to shoot this caliber than nearly any other semi-automatic s: 4.

  3. Answer (1 of 3): First of all, there is no such cartridge as Long Colt. There have been Long Colt, Long Colt, and Long Colt, but the revolver cartridge from Colt has always been just plain Colt. There is a shorter cartridge that will chamber in Colt firearms, the S.

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